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What is IV Skincare all about you ask? 


IV Skincare is me, I am Iiesha Vieira Skincare! This line was originally created to enhance my skin, beautify what already existed and now I’m sharing it with you! Every product  in my line was created to take care of my skincare needs or the needs of my family! 


And before you ask, here’s the answer to a few of your questions: 


Is it safe for everyone? 


Can my family use it? 


Kid friendly? 


Yes! Yes!! Yes!!! There will be products for the whole family to share. Our products are made with all skin types in mind, all natural organic ingredients , cruelty free and fair trade! 




Some of you may know I started my skincare business almost 3 years ago in 2019, Slick Pits! I started my baby with just deodorant, all natural deodorant. By the time I was pregnant with my 3rd child, my perspective on a lot of things changed and I’d become more aware and health conscious about the products we were using within our home. My oldest child was approaching pre-teen years and the use of antiperspirants had begun so I  started reading my labels and researching the ingredients then BOOM! That was the birth of Slick Pits! 

I began making deodorant with clean ingredients that wouldn’t harm the body. Fast forward to now, 3yrs later I’m a bit more seasoned with my research and have created some amazing products for the whole body! After I had my 3rd child my skin was in its worse condition ever!! My skin went through some very bad breakouts and I had no clue what or why it was happening! My hands were so itchy, every single finger ached very bad, tiny red burning bumps and even blisters at times. I ended up having the same problem on just one of my legs overtime. I visited the doctor over and over, test after test to find that I had Dermatitis which is a form of eczema. I’ve never had eczema or at least flared up, it was so ugly and I hated it! Nothing the doctor prescribed worked, and it honestly irritated my sensitive skin even more. I started to research natural products that would help me and I came up with both a eczema soap bar and body butter that after consistently using healed my skin. From that point on everything I needed for skincare I would just make it myself! And now I’m back with the Rebirth, IV Skincare! 

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